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Plagiarism essentially means “imitation of someone else’s work” without giving the real writer his credits. Most of the time, the original owner of the content (writing or other forms), is unaware that his work has been copied. Here come plagiarism checker tools, which help in checking if your content is copied or is unoriginal.

List of Tools

Plagiarism or copied content is not only a headache for bloggers and online writers but also for teachers who have a tough time detecting copied content in the writing assignments given to students. Students accused of copied content in their school projects have to pass through the plagiarism checking test by teachers. Most screenplay writers, script writers also have to be aware that the lines they are writing are 100% original and that is why they use various online and offline tools to detect duplicate content. There are following tools that are available for plag. checking as given below

  • Turnitin

  • Plagiserve

  • GPSP

  • CopyCatch Gold

  • EVE2

  • GPlag

  • JPlag

  • MOSS

  • SIM

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