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IJIIR Vol. 3 Issue 1 Jan-April 2018

International Journal of Institutional and Industrial Research ISSN 2456–1274 is a scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and fully refereed journal oriented on the fact "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives". It is an international scientific journal that endeavors todonate to the continuous scientific research and training, so as to promote research in multiple fields..

Vol 3 Issue 1 Jan-April 2018

Diasporic Discourse in South Asian Canadian Context
Neelima Bangwal & Dr. Vijay Negi

Temple Entry Movement for Depressed Class in South Travancore [Kanyakumari]
Prathika. S

Fuzzy strong bi-ideal of near subtraction semigroups
R. Sumitha, P. Annamalai selvi and S.Jayalakshmi

Third order non-linear optical properties of L-aspargine admixtured Lithium Chloride (LALC) and Cesium Chloride (LACC) Single Crystals by Z-Scan Technique
Dr. A.S.I. Joy Sinthiya, R.Suya padhra haridha, D. Mari selvi

On Anti-Fuzzy Bi-ideals In Near Subtraction Semigroups
P. Annamalai Selvi, R. Sumitha, Dr. S. Jayalakshmi

Double semi-open sets with respect to a double grill
K.Suguna Devi, Dr.R.Rajarajeswari, N.Durga Devi

Iot Based Smart Health Care Monitoring System
K. Dinesh, K. Vijayalakshmi, C. Nirosha, I. Siva Rama Krishna

Treatment of Pollutants in Industrial Wastewater Using Fenton’s Oxidation Process: An Overview
A. S. Jaltade, A. M. Mokadam

Effective Utilization of Herbocrete - A natural admixture in cement mortar to assess the strength properties
Dr. M.Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, K.Asha Latha, M.Madhuri, K.Sasi, C.Vidya Sagar

Reaction of Indian Stock Market during Weekend: An Empirical Study
Dr. Rashmita Sahoo

Weight Loss Corrosion Studies of Al7075 Metal Matrix Composites Containing Beryl Particulates
H.V.Jayaprakash, Naddoni Sachin Govind, P.V.Krupakara

N Heterocycles in Electrical Applications
Sakuntala Samuelson

Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of benzimidazoles and its copper complex
Sakuntala Samuelson and Shubharani

Integration of PV and Wind Energy System with SVC for Protection of a Five Terminal Transmission Line using Wavelet Approach
Y Manjusree, Ravi kumar Goli

Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Three Axis Dumping Trolley
Dr.Lalit.K.Toke, Dakshant.Y.Sharma, Uday.A.Maliye, Kalpesh.S.Bodke, Uday.M.Rathod

School Climate: An In Depth study
Shweta Tripathi

Rician Noise Reduction with SVM, LMRD And Iterative Bilateral Filter In Different Type Of Medical Images Using Digital Image Processing
Ms. Jyoti Bhukra, Dr. Kamal Kumar Sharma

Performance Analysis And Emission Control By Using Fuel Additives
P.Raja, S.Durairaj, P.Paranthaman

Recent Advances in IOT based Wireless sensors for Cattle Health Management -A review
Roger Rozario.A.P, Pravinthraja.S, Arjuman Banu.S, Nandhini.M

Experimental Investigation On Stability And Ageing Impact Of Callophyllum Inophyllum Oil Methyl Ester With Diesel Blends
B.Prashanth, Shubham Pandey, Shubam Tiwari, Vishal kumar Gaurav, Vikash Kumar Parmar

The Law of Criminal Conspiracy: Section 120 – A, IPC, 1860
Jitender Singh

Law of Criminal Complaint Section 190 & 200 Cr.PC
Sanjiv Lather

“Nirbhya” Brutality to Justice
Pankaj Kumar

The law of Remand U/s 167 Code of Criminal Procedure Procedure when Investigation cannot be completed within 24 hours
Maninder Singh Khatana

Bail: Mandatory or Discretionary Evaluate
Ravinder singh

Manifestation of Empowerment of Meitei Women - A Study of Nambol Market in Manipur
Dr. Pooja Gupta

Analysis of Rough Linear and Multilinear Pseudodifferential Operators
Manisha Malik

Protection of Witness under Administration of Justice in India
Ajay Kumar

The challenge of Governmental policy coordination in India
Saurabh Dhiman, Shabad Dyal

Performance Management System and Its Impact on Performance of the Employees
Reena Singh, Dr. Trilochan Sharma

Emotional Intelligence in Male Judo Players: A Predictor of Sport Performance
Dr. Manoj Goel

Article on Vishakha vs. State of Rajasthan- International law perspective
Vishal Yadav

Ethnobotanical study of Phyllanthus amarus used in treating diabetes mellitus in Patna district of Bihar, India
Jitendra Kumar and Manoj Kumar

Studying Nucleophiles and Electrophiles

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