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Welcome to IJIIR ISSN 2456–1274

International Journal of Institutional and Industrial Research ISSN 2456–1274 welcomes submissions of manuscripts concerning any research area and their applications in academics, industry and other subjects. The subjects covered by the journal includes Engineering, Medical, basic science, education, history, art and etc. All submitted papers are to be peer-reviewed for ensuring their qualities. Submissions must be previously unpublished.

It offers the authors to publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes. The journal establishes the fast reviewing system which is capable of reviewing the submitted papers within two weeks and publishes articles instantaneously. We have a high standard of peer review. A strong Editorial Board help us with policy and decision-making, and in some cases help with choosing referees and reviewing manuscripts.

Initial Review

When a manuscript is submitted to IJIIR Journal, it undergoes an initial pre-screening by the Editorial Board in order to determine whether or not the paper fits the scope of the Journal. If the Editorial Board feels the manuscript meets the journal's minimum standards for publication, the paper then enters a blind reviewing process. .

For the initial submission for reviewing, both the docx and pdf formats are acceptable and the manuscripts can be in given IJIIR journal style. Accepted manuscripts should use the following journal template. The final submission should also include the PDF version of the manuscript.

The MS Word Template (in A4 size and the IEEE two-column format) can be downloaded here (the docx file and its pdf file).

The copyright form is available for download here.

Submissions of Manuscripts

The manuscripts can be submitted conveniently by sending an email to together with the following information:

  1. Contact Author;

  2. Contact Email;

  3. Institutions / companies;

  4. Contact Address;

As the paper submission acknowledgment, the Unique paper id will be asigned and notified on author email id. This paper id help the authors to track the status of submitted papers.

Final Response

In the main reviewing phase, the Executive Editor or a designated editorial board member sends the received papers, without the name and affiliation of the authors, to two experts in the field, by using the on-line web-based paper management system. The electronic evaluation form used by reviewers contains a checklist in order to help referees to cover all aspects that can decide the publication. In the final section of the evaluation form, the reviewers must include observations and suggestions for improvement that are sent to the authors, without the names of the reviewers.

All the reviewers of a paper remain anonymous to the authors and act independently before, during and after the evaluation process. They have different affiliation, are usually located in different countries, and they are not aware of each other's identities. If the decisions of the two reviewers are not the same (accept / reject), the paper is sent to a third reviewer.

If the suggestions of reviewers for improving the paper are rejected by the author, the Editor-in-chief invites the author to reply to reviewers with the respect of anonymity, using the on-line support interface. Observing the dialogue, the Editor-in-chief may send the paper to additional reviewers. The final decision for publication is done by the Editor-in-Chief based on the scrutiny of reviewers and the scope of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the quality and selection of manuscripts chosen to be published, and the authors are always responsible for the content of each article.