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Innovative ICT Practices in Teaching and Learning: A Regional Seminar 2016

In realization of the huge potentials of information and communications technology (ICT) in education, governments have poured huge investments into developing their respective ICT in Education Plans and into bringing ICT equipment and various tools into schools. Alongside these infrastructure investments are teacher professional development programmes that look into equipping teachers with knowledge and skills on how to use ICT to support pedagogy appropriately and meaningfully in enhancing the learning experiences among students.

On top of necessary expertise in their subject matters, teachers have to understand how to guide their students in making judicious use of information from multiple sources, think critically, work and solve problems collaboratively. The challenge is how to enable teachers not only to overcome the technology barriers but also to empower them to integrate appropriate technology into the learning process. Unfortunately, teacher training initiatives are often limited to disconnected, “one-time-only” workshops that lack follow-through activities to provide the teacher trainees with motivation, guidance, and models when they go back to their actual settings.

Event at glance

With this in mind, IIIR has organized “Innovative ICT Practices in Teaching and Learning: A Regional Seminar 2016” in Shri Ganesh College of Education Gohana on 19th June 2016.