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IIIR is a membership association – it’s your association. We rely on many people to help run various aspects of the organization. There are numerous ways to get involved, from participating on an Institutional Research and Industrial Research working group, belonging to a network and also helping to provide leadership to the association.

For this aim we have made the core team of expert peoples of different areas which IT, Engineering, Education, Science, Art & Crafts, Sciences and etc. The core team members have excellent explorer of own area. They are willing and ready to organize the events with the aiming of professional development for our society welfare. It helps the peoples to increase their knowledge and build their career in right path. With the help of well settled career, the living standards of the peoples boost atomically. It is the predefined plan of IIIR for society welfare.

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Open Access Journals

The non-profit peer-reviewed open access International Journal of Institutional & Industrial Research (IJIIR) is started with a Mission to

  • Encourage contribution to Research in institutional & Industrial areas for achieving better society development for all.

  • Encourage and motivate researchers in challenging research areas.

  • Offer a platform for the dissemination of knowledge.

  • Improve the approaches of Sciences research, education, promotion and other multidisciplinary efforts by fostering a better understanding of the multidimensional nature of research, industrial and educational systems as they relate to the promotion of Sciences for the betterment of mankind and human life.

International Journal of Institutional & Industrial Research (IJIIR) being a nonprofit Journal, charging No publication/processing fees from the Author(s). NO subscription fee is levied for Libraries / Individuals. NO fee is levied for accessing published articles.

Membership Fee

Joining Fee -- 100% Non Profit Initiatives.

If you want to be a part of a powerful organization that keeps you connected to the most relevant network of professionals in research -- then you've come to the right place. IIIR membership provides easy access to other organizations with shared experiences and, most importantly, insight on the R&D challenges you face.Membership presents you and your organization with great connections and outstanding value.

To join the IIIR the membership form can be download from be here Membership Form